With its three locations (Breda, 's-Hertogenbosch, and Tilburg) is declared to be the best major University of Applied Sciences in Netherlands. It’s high ranked Dutch university having 30,000 students studying 40 courses in 18 institutes. Avans has been in the top 3 for 8 years and occupies the top position for the fifth time. 27 of the 54 Avans study programmes are in the top 3 in theirs category. 11 of these study programmes are in first place, 7 study programmes are in second place.

9 occupy third place in their category rankings. Avans University of Applied Sciences focuses on project-based learning and was the first institution to apply this Dutch method of making students work on executing projects independently in groups.


Nicknamed the Pearl of the South, Breda is home to a thriving student community. So it is no surprise that the city is full of great bars, restaurants and sports clubs. Breda also hosts many festivals and events, such as the Fiesta Mexicana and carnival.

Breda is fantastic all year round for shopping, relaxing in the municipal parks and hiking in the surrounding countryside, or taking a lovely stroll through the historic city centre.


The people who live in ’s-Hertogenbosch are rightly proud of their city.

The welcoming atmosphere will immediately strike anyone coming over for work or study that is characteristic of this city.

Even if you have nothing special planned, you can always find something entertaining to do in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Take a stroll through the historic city centre, visit St. John’s Cathedral or enjoy some fresh air at the nearby BosscheBroek nature reserve.

Several times a year the city transforms to a festival town, playing host to carnival, the Jazz in Duketown Festival and the Festival Boulevard theatre festival. If you want to take in some culture and catch a film, then you should definitely head over to the VerkadeFabriek: a cultural centre located in a former biscuit factory. If you are a music lover, you might enjoy an evening out at the Willem Twee music venue.

Bachelor’s and master’s degree students, EEA or Dutch nationality: €2,080.00

Avans does not offer student accommodation however; they are partnered with the housing associations in Breda and Hertogembosch. Rental prices vary but you will pay no more than €510 per month. This includes water, electricity, gas and in most rooms Internet access.

Avans offers 4 international Bachelors programmes and 2 Masters programmes:

Bachelor programmes:

  • Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

  • Finance & Control (international)

  • Industrial Engineering & Management

  • International Business

Master programmes:

  • Master of Animation

  • Master of Arts in Fine Art & Design