Our team offers a wide range of useful and informative consultations.

Consultations cover such topics as:


·                Finding the right University

·                Finding the right course

·                Entry Requirements

·                Application Process

·                Financial issues

·                Living abroad

·                Student Life

Why have a consultation?


1. Well, to start off, have been working with Universities and students since 2005.

Our consultants studied abroad – experienced, friendly and professional staff.

We have visited and have direct contact with a very large number of Universities (you can find them in the University section).


2. If you will decide to use our help then you will have our support every step of the way.


3. You will be provided with information that is relevant to you, that's why we always have consultations!

 NB! Information on Universities websites is general. It does not apply to all students!


4. Get to know the difference between higher education in your home country and abroad.


5. Find out what prospects will you have after finishing University.


6. To become 100% sure that studying abroad is for you.


7. It’s free! :)


*For example: Want to study fashion but you are not good at sewing or drawing, so what do you do?  There are a lot of options for you from Marketing to Styling and Fashion PR.


Or do you know what Event Management and Business Management have in common? 

A lot! They have a lot of same core subjects that allow you to be very flexible about your career after University.


Everything still sounds confusing and not super clear? 

Have a consultation!