Dania – Danish Academy of Business and Technology - has strong links with the regional business and industry who are also involved in developing the educational programmes. Through case work, company visits and a 3 months’ internship the students gain valuable, real-world experience that give them the best possible start in their future careers.

A global perspective is essential to the Academy. The academy have agreements with a wide network of international partners for exchange of staff and students and the students can also get an international experience by doing their internship abroad.


AP and Bachelor Top-Up Programmes 

-      AP Marketing Management 

-      AP IT Technology 

-      AP Automotive Management 

-      AP Service Hospitality and Tourism 

-      BA Top-Up International Hospitality Management 


Important to know:

·       No tuition fees for EU students

·       the cost of accommodation is approximately 340 - 400 EUR per month

·       DANIA does NOT offer any scholarships

Why study at DANIA – Danish University of Applied Sciences?

·       High-quality degrees: Marketing Management: Economics, Marketing Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management 

·       High-standard facilities and world-class environment for studying

·       Amazing opportunities for internship

·       The Career Development Centre offers help and support to all students and graduates in finding a job or planning a career



Most of our international students choose to live at student dormitories. Should you prefer to live in privately rented accommodation the rent will typically be higher. You should expect to pay at least EUR 3-400 for a 2-room apartment (excluding additional costs like electricity, water, heating, internet) + a deposit corresponding to 3 months' rent.

Personal expenses

In general, you should expect to spend around 7-800 EUR per month on rent and living. The price examples below can give you a general idea of some of the costs you may encounter in your daily life.

·   10-rides city bus ticket: EUR 14

·   30-day city bus ticket: EUR 43

·   1 litre of milk: 85 Cent

·   500 g minced meat: EUR 4

·   2 kg of flour: EUR 1

·   1 kg pasta: 1-3 EUR

·   Soda or beer in a supermarket: 50 Cent – EUR 1

·   Soda or beer in a pub: EUR 2-5

·   Cinema ticket: EUR 10

·   Canteen lunch at Dania Academy: EUR 3