Why study abroad? 


1.     Choices of Subjects 

It might not be obvious but not all subjects and courses are taught in every country. In some countries some industries are more developed then in others; for example UK offers the largest variety of courses in the Fashion field. You can choose from courses like Fashion Management, Styling, Fashion Communication, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Design, Fashion Buying and many more.

From a quick Google search you can find that in the countries where Fashion industry is not as developed as in UK there will be less University degrees in this field.

This applies to many other fields and subjects as well.


2.     Career Prospects

Most Universities in UK, Netherlands and Denmark will have an optional or mandatory placement period. This means work experience in the filed that you study. 

Also in both of the 3 countries higher education focuses on employability since day one. Universities work closely with different companies and industry experts to construct the courses in a way that when you will graduate you will have all the needed skills and you will have all the current and up to date information. 

Education is not just about grades and exams, its about how can it prepare and help you for the future. 

Studying abroad may also give you the opportunity to take courses from experts in your field of study or visit sites where ground-breaking work is taking place. It’s a great way to look at your studies from a different point of view, gain an international understanding of your field, and take advantage of resources that might not be available at your home university.


3.     Gain Independence

Moving abroad is the ultimate test in self-reliance. When (or if) you move back, you’ll likely rely on others less and you’ll take more responsibility for yourself.

You will have to learn to rely on yourself and not expect someone to help out or solve your problems. You will also have to learn and develop your skills in time management and budgeting. You will also have to start making bigger decisions and be responsible for your actions and your future. 

Your independence will hugely benefit you in all aspects of your life and will make it a lot easier for you to follow through with all your plans and goals.

Perhaps the best part is that you will appreciate your home and family even more.

You might be surprised to hear that not everyone becomes independent. A lot of people prefer to stay in their comfort zone.


Studying abroad will change you as a person. 


4.     Gain a global mind-set and meet diverse range of people

You will be exposed to different cultures and different people. You will develop your social and communication skills and learn a lot about new cultures. You will also be taught from a global perspective rather then local.

Your exposure to many different types of people will not only help you to develop your people skills, but it will also give you a firmer knowledge of others. This will help you expand your friendship circle, make new useful contacts, become more understanding and gain the social and communication skills that help you a lot in life, be it at work or in your private life.


5.     Language skills 

You’ll be learning in a different language, so it is only natural that your language skills will improve. This will not only help you with your career prospects  but it will also come in handy in every day life.


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