Starting university is an exciting and challenging time. Choosing to study abroad can reinforce these feelings and challenges. At Radboud University, we recognise the needs of international students and will make sure your university studies will create some of the most memorable moments of your life. Furthermore, the Netherlands provides the ideal environment for international students to thrive, complementing your time at Radboud University. 


The Netherlands has a great deal to offer for international students. Although geographically a small nation, we are at the forefront of many global industries and institutions, also due to our ideal location in the heart of Europe. The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the United Nations, NATO and the European Union. We’re home to many multinational corporations which you will have heard of and probably purchased products from: Heiniken, Phillips, Unilever and Shell for example. Historically, the Dutch are a nation of traders who sailed the world. As a result, the people of the Netherlands have an international outlook: we are open to people from other cultures and speak other language. 


Radboud University is a student-oriented research university where individual responsibility, independence, and small-scale classes are fundamental to the education we offer. We strive to create an environment where all students feel at home.  Our key asset is our educators: scientists who love to teach.


Our personal style of teaching gives students the opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and excellent teachers in interactive, small seminars. Professors and other teaching staff are easily approachable to discuss your subjects.


10 reasons for studying at Radboud University


#1 Excellent University

Radboud University is in the top one percent of universities in the world, and has been voted best General University in the Netherlands for the last six years. Moreover, the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to two professors connected to Radboud University.

#2 Persona Approach 

Our personal style of teaching offers you plenty of opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and excellent teachers in interactive, small seminars. Teachers and professors are accessible and highly approachable. 

#3 Extensive Freedom of Choice

You decide which specialisation and subject choice is most appropriate for you.  We offer you a great deal of choice, whether that is for a semester abroad or to take interesting courses outside your study programme.

#4 Excellent Services

Radboud strives for the highest quality, also with its services. This has even been recognised by the European Commission, which recently  stated that ‘Radboud University’ has an impressive range of activities for international students and high sense of concern of quality.

#5 Valuable Diploma 

After successfully completing the programme, you will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from an outstanding university and you will have gained critical skills and insight into research and practice within your own subject area.

#6 Build a Valuable Network

By studying at Radboud University you will build up a powerful, professional network of valuable contacts. Naturally, you will become part of our alumni network and stay closely connected to your fellow classmates and professors. 

#7 Career Prospects

Studies have shown that people who have studied abroad are more internationally minded; are better at problem solving and making decisions; are tolerant, open minded and curious about new challenges. At Radboud University we help you develop these qualities which will greatly increase your chances of success on the job market.

#8 Historically and Culturally Rich Environment

Studying in Nijmegan means living in the oldest city of the Netherlands, where you can find Roman ruins and modern arcitectures side by side.

#9 Greenest Campus in the Netherlands

The Radboud campus in Nijmegen s considered to be the greenest and most beautiful in the Netherlands. Also, on campus you’ll find all facilities like our faculties, the student affairs office, our sports centre, church, supermarket and hospital within walking distance of each other.

#10 Prime Location

You can take advantage of the favourable location of Nijmegen. Major European cities like Amsterdam, Cologne and Brussels are just a train ride away, and with a choice of nearby airports you are well connected to the rest of Europe.