Tilburg University is a research university based in the south of the Netherlands. It is known for its high-quality education, social orientation, and strong campus feeling. We offer a large number of English-taught Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Research Master’s programs in the areas of: 


  • Economics & Management

  • Law & Public Administration

  • Social & Behavioural Science

  • Data Science

  • Communication & Digital Sciences

  • Culture & Philosophy 

  • Theology 


Understanding Society 

At Tilburg University, our mission is to inspire students to contribute to the development of a better, fairer, and more sustainable society. 

Our educational programs instill broad social awareness and stimulate critical personal and professional skills. Our professors and students work on solutions and innovations for complex issues every day. They address issues related to the aging population and health care, to making our society resilient so that it can absorb shocks such as those caused by migration, to climate change and new technologies, and to the responsible use of big data. These issues often involve multiple disciplines. We also invite other knowledge insitutions, companies, (local) government, and citizens to work together with us. In that way, new insights develop and valuable answers are found. We call this Social Innovation.


Tilburg, a real student city!

There are over 29 000 students in Tilburg, so student life has an important impact on what happens in Tilburg. The city has something to offer for everyone: a thriving cafe and restaurant culture, sports, art films, world-class pop music and classical music, and great contemporary art. Combined with numerous festivals, exhibitions, and conferences, you will enjoy and exciting student life.


5 reasons why you should consider studying in the Netherlands


#1 International and open minded

The Netherlands has traditionally been n internationally oriented nation, known for its open-mindedness. The country also ranks #1 worldwide on English proficiency as a non-native language. So you can get around perfectly without speaking any Dutch. 

#2 Many opportunities for an international career

Some of the biggest multinationals, including Philips, Heineken, KLM, Shell, ING and Unilever, are Dutch. Given that it is the 17th largest economy in the world (despite its size…), there are plenty of opportunities to stay for your career.

#3 Live in one of the safest, happiest, and healthiest countries

The Netherlands belongs to the safest countries in the world, is the top 10 of happiest countries worldwide, and is the healthiest country in the world for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy, and affordable food among 125 countries.

#4 Quality of education

Higher education in the Netherlands has a worldwide reputation for it’s high quality. All Dutch research universities belong to the best 1% in the world.

#5 Innovative and interactive

Dutch people enjoy innovation and working on original ideas. This is demonstrated by the fact that we rank #3 in the world on the 2017 Global Innovation Index, outpacing countries like the US, the UK and Germany.  The Netherlands also fosters a culture of interaction. This is certainly true in the classroom, where you will interact and work with  other students and your lectures in an open and informal environment.